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As well as a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and qualified for exercise referral clients, I also have a diploma in Nutrition and am a member of the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

I spent a lot of my adult life working for others, in the corporate world until January 2019 when I at last branched out on my own offering Personal Training and Fitness. I have worked with almost 100 people on either a 1:1 basis, or in small groups, with fantastic results and great feedback.


I understand what it is like for life to get in the way of things, especially at the moment when we are being much more mindful about our health and well-being and I get it, that we don't always know what we need to help us get to or stay in the best shape we can.


Looking for a new challenge for your fitness needs?

I'm a qualified Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer who can help you with your fitness goals. No gym necessary, I can provide at home and virtual sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions to suit you.

I am currently only offering virtual sessions online in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have to stay safe as well as healthy!

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Looking to work out with friends, or set up sessions in your workplace?

As a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I can help.

From individual sessions, to HIIT sessions, a focus for Legs, Bums & Tums, Core Training, using Kettlebells, Boxercise & even Circuit style sessions, let me help you achieve your fitness goals in a partnership or group setting. 

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As a member of the Royal Society for Public Health, I can help you with your nutritional advice and goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, to gain, or how to make sure you are getting all the right vitamins and minerals in your day to day, I can help. 

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I can help you to achieve your fitness goals, with personalised 1:1 training, nutritional guidance, advice and support as well as online sessions. 



Tam Durand

Tel: +44 7921 773 989

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